We believe the SA Outback series is beautiful, cool, functional and has some of the most unique shotgun models in the world!  Built for beauty as well as function, there in nothing in the mainstream, value priced shotgun market like the SA Outback series.  Stay tuned for further updates, specs and pricing.



  • Pale Rider.  An Over Under (O/U) short stock, short barrel 12G that is as functional as it is beautiful!  12″ barrel, OAL just under 27″.
  • Nomad.  The preppers pistol of choice.  A side by side (SxS) 12G pistol!
  • Nomad Coach.  A SxS short stock, short barrel 12G.  12″ barrel, OAL just under 27″.
  • Uplander.  A full length O/U, with a 28″ barrel.