This is a sneak peek of shotguns we have in development.  These will be made by our Turkish sub-manufacturer to SA design specifications.  Turkey is one of the top shotgun manufacturing countries for the value genre.

Our Outback line has some very unique models.  There is nothing on the market like our shorty O/U Pale Rider!  With the addition of the side by side Nomad Coach and Pistol, we believe this is the world’s coolest shotgun line up.

At SA, we have a special focus on the short barrel shotgun market, as we believe for back country protection (grizzly/moose), ground bird/small game hunting, personal defense (rise of home invasions, terrorism),  LE and for the tacticool buyers, nothing compares.  Although we aim to be the first choice in short barrel shotguns (SBS), we will still have a complimentary standard barrel line up.  Due to competitive reasons, we may not disclose all specs.

These visual specs released will be very close to the final, so customers please inform your favourite dealers if you would like them to order when ready.  Dealers, please email our distributor to be kept in the loop for availability.


The STORM Series:

  • 12G
  • Barrel configurations in 9/11/14/18.6″.
  • Mag Fed and Tube Fed with 6 or 11 round capacity.
  • Rear or Full Rail.  Front fiber optic in most models.

* Note:  For current production run, STORMS will have a premium telescoping stock with adjustable cheek riser. Due to this, MSRPs may be higher than shown.