At SA we are working on a great line of optics and are currently in the testing phase of our value line. Where possible, our scopes will have the most desirable features:

  • Exposed/locking tactical style turrets, side parallax, illumination.
  • Second Focal Plane (SFP) & First Focal Plane (FFP).
  • Turret/Reticle in MOA/MOA or MIL/MIL.

We are completing the R&D phase and hoping now for a late 2016 launch.  As such, dealers we will soon be taking MOQ orders on certain value line models:  (may be subject to change)

  • 1-6×24 (SFP) MOA/MOA
  • 2-10×50 (SFP) MOA/MOA
  • 3-15×50 (SFP/FFP) SFP in MOA/MOA and FFP in MIL/MIL
  • 5-25×56 (SFP/FFP) SFP in MOA/MOA and FFP in MIL/MIL
  • 10-50x? SFP in MOA/MOA (in development, so specs still in secret squirrel phase)…

We are only focusing on zoom ratios and features that provide more usefulness, instead of having too many confusing model lines. These specifications will incrementally evolve as manufacturing capabilities keep advancing.

To provide a good entry point, we will be creating a value line and a premium line for higher grade components and craftsmanship. Although the category quality levels will be comparable to some well known brands, to give our customers better pricing, we have decided keep the warranty for manufacturing defects to a 1 year replacement (not repair). Unlimited warranties make for great marketing, but will only serve to inflate end pricing.

Our value line is SA designed and made to our specifications, by China’s best sub-manufacturer (one that some well known quality US brand names use).  Our premium line will be SA designed and made to our specifications, by the best Japanese sub-manufacturer (one that some top US/European brand names use).

3-15x50FFP on 300WSM

3-15x50FFP on 300WSM