Seraphim Armoury Inc. (SA) is working on products for Law Enforcement / Military (LEM) sales through our SA Defense division.

General Information

  • Specialized firearms procurement or custom builds.  May involve MOQ buys.
  • LEM specific ammunition.  Long term project which will require client investment.

Most LE engagements average just over 50 yards, not the old 70 yard myth (see POLICE Magazine article).  In reality, the 308 Winchester caliber is overkill for most LE sniper engagement scenarios.  In busy urban environments, the risk of pass through penetration into bystanders is a real threat.  At SA Defense, we can offer alternative calibers/projectiles that provide lower energy than the 308 Win, but still effective for short range sniper solutions.  This means that the projectiles will still penetrate glass and the target but reduce the risk of high energy pass through.

SA can also make custom ammunition that is highly accurate and more appropriate for short range engagement in LE scenarios.


For the military, the 308 Win or 300 WM, is appropriate from midrange to long range.  But far better for true long range (1000-2000y +) is the 338 Lapua or 50BMG (with specialty bullets).  These calibers not only give the sniper team a greater effective distance for neutralizing the enemy, they also give the sniper team a defensive advantage over inferior enemy platforms (what can’t reach you can’t kill you).

Talk to us about your sniper configurations needs, whether Long Range Sniper Configuration (LRSC) or Short Range Sniper Configuration (SRSC).