Individual Officer Purchase Program

Seraphim Armoury is committed to the LEM and First Responder community (LEMFR)!  From the beginning, SA has promoted our Individual Officer Purchase Program (IOPP) or IOP, because we believe in it!  We are grateful to the LEMFR community for their service and putting their lives on the line for us all.  For the time being, the SA IOP Program is being managed by our distributors.

Pro-Deal Program (PDP)

  • PDP is for the staff of retailers that carry SA products!
  • This is our little way of thanking the retailers who are supporting our brand.
  • Qualifying retailer staff can purchase our specified products at IOP pricing.


International Shooting Supplies will now manage the IOP/PDP program.



SA is currently working out details for IOP/PDP in the US.  As soon as final details are available, we will update this page.


Who qualifies for IOP (may be subject to change by distributors):

  • Military Personnel.  Currently serving or veterans, including reservists.
  • Law Enforcement.  Full or part-time police, corrections, customs and other similar officers.
  • Coast Guard, firefighters, EMTs, licensed armed security guards.
  • The IOP specifics will be managed by the distributors.
  • You will need to provide supporting documentation.
  • If we missed anyone, just let us know.  If you believe your profession should be included, be in touch.

During this transition period, our distributors are getting to know our product.  We appreciate you patience as we hand over product distribution to EAD, Aztech and other international distributors.