Giving Back Program

The Giving Back Program (GBP) is in full swing!  SA’s own veterans started the Giving Back Program, from the heart, to help those who have been affected by some trauma due to their service.
So many military, veterans, police officers, peace officers, firefighters and first responders put their lives on the line on a daily basis to protect and serve us.  In some cases they sacrifice their physical and mental health beyond reasonable recovery.  At SA, we want to do our part to help those that have been physically or mentally injured due to their service.  We have launched a number of different operations within the Giving Back Program, to help raise funds towards this cause!
We have currently teamed up with Great River Fishing Adventures (insert link) and Kettle River Guide & Outfitters (insert link) who have generously donated their time and graciously discounted their hunts and fishing trips so that we can offer more outings and time away for our vets and first responders. We hope to have your support and to help us move forward with this great cause!

What we are NOT

  • We are NOT a registered charity or able to give any receipts for charitable donations.  We are doing this on our own and donating our time as well as products out of pocket. We are NOT doing this for any tax breaks.
  • We are NOT trying to make money on this.  The proceeds raised will be used to provide all amenities to facilitate the best outing our veterans/first responders deserve, this is not limited to food, housing, transportation and libations the money will also be used to further fund future giving back program operations or outings.

What we ARE

  • Dedicated to helping veterans and first responders.
  • Conservationists and outdoorsmen hoping to use nature to assist in the healing of injuries both physical and mental.
  • Committed to helping those who help us.
  • Community Driven. We want to help as much as we can but financially we can only give so much, which is why we need to come together as a community to work as one help heal those who serve us.


Seraphim Armoury will be selling our SA Stickers for $11.00 each.  We have 200 stickers available.  We will then run a customer appreciation giveaway for the sticker customers and randomly select a winner to receive the prize.  The customer appreciation prize will be a (firearm TBA) and a (firearm TBA) prize package that will also include a GX2 Self Healing Target and several other small items, to send veterans/first responders on an all expenses paid trip through Great River Fishing Adventures.  Stickers will be sold at $11.00 a piece, (tax included) with no limit on how many tickets an individual may purchase.  There will be a MAXIMUM of 200 tickets offered for sale, the sticker sales will last until the stickers are sold out or 5 months.  $11.00 for a sticker and a 1 in 200 chance of winning the customer appreciation prize, TWO firearms and a significant amount of smaller swag prizes!  Winner take all!  Help us reach our goal and win an amazing prize package while doing so!  This is not a raffle.
Payment is EMT sent to include your shipping address and information. 
Big thanks to our generous sponsors!
Great River Fishing Adventures:
Kettle River Guide & Outfitters:
*** Winner must be resident of Canada, hold a current PAL and meet all legal requirements for firearm ownership. ***
If you are or know of a qualifying individual who could benefit from this program, due to injury, PTSD, stress, or other situation please email so that we can discuss ways in which we can possibly help.  All discussions are private and confidential.  You are not alone.  You are not forgotten.