Yes, SA now has a flame thrower!  Thanks to our partnership with US based XMatter LLC, their flame thrower will be marketed exclusively in Canada as the SA FIRE STORM.

The FIRE STORM is designed for use in many applications:

  • Ground clearing or controlled agricultural burns.
  • Ice melting/clearing.
  • Incinerating weeds and other unwanted ground plants
  • Forestry.  ‘Back burns’ or ‘pre burns’ for forestry use, forest fire containment/prevention.
  • Movie Industry.
  • Rental product.  There is tremendous potential in providing unit as a rental.  Since it’s not considered a firearm in Canada, a specific area can be set aside at any outdoor range/club, paintball range etc.  Who doesn’t want to try a flame thrower!


The FIRE STORM will be one of the few items SA sells direct at this time and we are only accepting commercial orders at this time.

Retail price $2999 CAD. 

We are only accepting commercial orders at this time.  To order, please email:  (indicate in subject line)




It is the customer’s responsibility to follow all applicable local laws and follow proper usage requirements.  Always inspect unit prior to and after use.


Q: Is this seriously legal in Canada?

A: Yes.

Q: How is this legal?

A: This is not a military flame thrower and as such, a personal flame thrower is not considered a firearm, and is not a prohibited item. There is no mention of it anywhere in the Criminal Code, Firearms Act or any prohibited list.