Seraphim Armoury (SA) – Canada’s firearms, optics, sporting goods brand, is taking on distributors for USA, Canada and international markets!


Currently we are working with the great team at International Shooting Supplies (ISS)!  Canadian dealers can place orders through ISS.

Please email Scott with your order interest:  purchasing@internationalshootingsupplies.com


  • SA is working on a new USA made 1911 pistol line!  The new model lines will cater to both value and premium.  Fusion Firearms will soon handle MOQ order by dealers or national distributors.  Fusion will also manage IOP/PDP sales in the USA.  The details of this partnership with Fusion for 1911 distribution is ongoing, so please be patient with us for final models, dealer pricing etc.
  • There are opportunities for distribution of our shotguns, optics and future apparel lines.  Please inquire.




  • SA is taking inquiries for new importers/distributors that are able to manage our brand appropriately in your domestic market.


Please contact us directly: admin@seraphimarmoury.ca  (please indicate your inquiry type in subject line)



Current and future product 

  1. 1911 Pistols.  SA is transitioning to a USA made model line.  This will ensure even higher quality in both value and premium lines.
  2. Shotguns.  New line coming in early 2017.
  3. Optics.  Early 2017.
  4. Accessories.  Early 2017.
  5. Apparel.  Early 2017.