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That is a very important statement!  We are building a lifestyle brand with core ideologies that make us stand apart.  Seraphim Armoury is definitely not just another gun company!

We are often asked how the name ‘Seraphim’ was chosen.  Seraphim, are the ‘Super Angels’, the super heroes of the angelic realm!  The name Seraphim was chosen out of a deep belief that good must always triumph over evil.  Seraphim are the ultimate protectors; more than holy warriors, they are heroes, dragon destroyers.  Seraphim Armoury believes that heroic aspiration is in all of our customers and SA is a symbol of it!


We Believe

  • In the ‘whole’ person.  Our ‘wholistic’ (whole-listic) approach is having a balance in all areas, of which defensive arts/tools are an integral part.
  • In peace.  But, since evil exists, peace comes at a cost.  It takes good people, to stand against evil.
  • In personal freedoms (the right to protect oneself, family, property), which is what gun rights reflect.
  • In aspiring, dreaming and inspiring others!
  • In being Type SA!

Type SA

You’ve heard of AB-type personalities, but now there’s Type SA, which is about being balanced, always ready, ready always and unleashing your inner hero!  Type SA:

  • Always Ready, Ready Always.  Not paranoia, be being prepared.
  • Inner Hero.  We all have it, so Unleash Your Inner Hero!
  • Confidence, not arrogance.
  • Have integrity and honesty but not naivety.
  • Courageous, adventurous, competitive, but also courteous.
  • Community driven, be helpful, not hindering!
  • Making friends is better than making enemies…but…
  • We uniquely define our own success, SA sees it as, “Success.  Dream it.  Define it.  Live it! ™”

Are you Type SA?



SA Word Logo

An offshoot from our fiery SA logo, we have created a symbol the the everyday hero!  Stay tuned for upcoming products, like athletic and apparel lines that will sport our Type SA symbol!



  1. NOT JUST ANOTHER GUN COMPANY!  We’re just getting out of the gate, so keep watching, you’ll see how different we are.
  2. We’re Type SA.  We’re not going to promise the heavens but we will work hard building a brand that our customers love and receive inspiration from!  Our customers mean everything to us, our lifeblood and we appreciate you all!
  3. We are committed to common sense personal protection rights and gun laws around the world.
  4. We are grassroots owners with various backgrounds, but are building this firearms business through sacrifice and passion.
  5. We are continually evolving the scope of our business to stay on the forefront as leaders.
  6. SA is owned by ‘peace’ officers, veterans and just run of the mill cool people 😉


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SA Philosophy on Sport

Whatever your sport, no matter the level or skill, SA believes in doing it like you’re in the majors!  Only the fortunate few make it to the elite levels, but so what?  SA believes that everyone should play like they’re in the majors.

  • You may not be Michael Jordan or in the NBA. Wherever you are, play like that’s your NBA!  Elementary, Junior High, High School, or just pick up ball, play like it’s your NBA!
  • You may not be Usain Bolt or in the Olympics.  Wherever you are, sprint like it’s your Olympics!
  • Say to yourself, I may not be _____ but I am _____ and this is my _____!